What We Do

Tired of trying to book yourself? While you're at home, out on the town or on set we employ a number of methods to secure work on your behalf. First, we call the availability "lines" throughout the day. We provide photo submissions along with your availability and unique attributes to each of the major casting agencies based on their needs. Our computer system allows us to do searches that even the casting companies can't do (such as future availability combined with work history). We even supply our proprietary casting software to several of the independent casting companies! We email your photo to casting on demand for submitting directly to production companies. If a casting director wants to use you, we accept the booking, get the details, and contact you with the information you need. We make it as convenient as possible for the casting directors to put you on their shows and features.

In addition, we check-in every morning and throughout the day with the casting agencies and their directors for possible rush calls. Our office is open from 7:00 am to midnight and our staff is on-call weekends and after hours to assist casting directors with any additional casting needs that might occur. Any experienced background actor knows that it only takes a few missed bookings to miss out on bigger opportunities or qualifying for respective union membership & insurance. For about the price of a good cup of coffee, you can have the best and most respected listing service in the industry working for you 7 days per week, 24 hours a day. This is far more efficient and cost effective than using your cellular phone to look for work between takes on set.

All Talent must have a working email address and or a text message capable phone to be accepted. We prefer both. Our system utilizes state of the art technology to notify you of booked work and confirm delivery of your details. In addition Casting Professionals have access to Extras Managements’ online EZcast booking system that allows them to review your profile, availability and work history with us 24/7.

However, we do NOT promise to get you work. We DO submit you for everything that fits your category but is the casting director that ultimately makes the decision. We have established relationships with the casting directors at Central Casting as well as Bill Dance, Rich King, Sandi Alessi, Advanced Casting and dozens of other casting companies booking work in town these days.